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Ithaas Vich
Mazhabi Sikhan
Di Jadoh Jehad

History is the capital of every Community, but when a Community becomes a slave If so, his capital also ends. The ruling community using every means erasing the history of the slave Community. They understands that if the Slave Community knows their history, they will break the chains of slavery and they can struggle for their rights. Therefore, the ruling Community did not mentioned the golden history of the slave Community . This happens with Mazhabi Sikhs and Dalits in India and Punjab. The Higher Caste Community in India and Punjab, Changed the history of the Mazhabi Sikhs and Dalits.

A Word From The Author

I Served as Ex District Language Officer, I born on 10-6-1962 at Amritsar. After passing fifth standard from Government Primary School (Old Mall Mandi), Amritsar, I passed tenth and higher secondary from Ramgarhia Senior Secondary School , B.A. from Hindu College Amritsar, M.A. (History) from Guru Nanak Dev University. After that I passed M.A. , M.Phil., Ph.D. (Punjabi)from Panjab University Chandigarh. During my education I elected the General Secretary of the History Forum , History Department of Guru Nanak Dev University and also elected the Departmental Representative (DR) of the Student Council. I also done work as a editor of Punjabi Section ‘magazine (Campus Reporter)’ of Punjab University, Chandigarh. My Writen works continue to be published in various magazines, I also written the preface of many authors’s books. As the District Language Officer, where I was working to implement Punjabi Language in government offices , I also personally associated with various literary societies and social welfare organizations. During my employment in the language department, I had also worked in various sections of the department, like vishavkosh.,Punjab kosh ,Ball Giaan Translation, Survey etc. I also wrote Survey Book ‘Dera Baba Nanak’ , ‘Ithas vich Mazhabi Sikh’ and new coming Book is ‘Ithas vich Mazhabi Sikhan the Jadoh Jehad’.My New Article ‘Singh Sabava atte hor Sansthava da Dalit Sudhaar vich yogdan’ , Publihed in Singh sabha Patrika .(Special Issue of Singh sabha Lehar).

Dr Bhupinder Singh Mattu
Writer and Speaker
Ex District Language Officer

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What Readers Are Saying

Wow, this book completely took me to another time and place! The author’s vivid descriptions and attention to historical detail were truly remarkable. I felt like I was right there, experiencing the events alongside the characters. It was an immersive and enlightening read.”

Dr. Bhupinder Singh Mattu’s Book is a serious attempt to fill the many deficiencies and historical gaps in the history of the Mazhabi Sikhs . After studying this book, the readers and researchers will not only be aware of their heritage but will also feel proud. This book provides rich information about the contribution of Mazhabi Sikhs in Punjab’s History. Many new facts have been revealed by Dr. Mattu, and many more have been improved. Further, He has also emphasised the struggles faced by Mazhabi Sikhs in the military, S.G.P.C. and other institutions .

Dr joginder Singh

Ex Head of the History Department and Ex Chairman Naamdhari Chair (Guru Nanak Dev University )
Review on Book 1

Readers may find beneficial information in Dr. Bhupinder Singh Muttu’s book. This book was about the Mazhabi Sikhs who contributed to establish the Sikh Raj. It is the story of a caste that has consistently been treated unfairly but has made a special contribution to strengthening Sikhism.This book is fact-based and appears to use research techniques. I’m hoping that this will provide the Sikh history researchers with new motivation to continue their Research.

Dr Raj Kumar hans

Ex Professor Hitory Department ( The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda )
Review on Book 1

Dr. Bhupinder Singh Mattu has a Ph.D. in Punjabi but is passionate about writing Dalit history. He is therefore chronicling the Mazhabi Sikhs’ history among Dalits. He explains the contributions of the Mazhabi Sikhs to Sikhs history in his work. His book not only discusses historical occurrences from the ancient and middle ages, but it also covers significant modern-era historical events. As certain Sikh historians have engaged in discriminating historiography and well-known historians have only highlighted affluent heroes in Sikh history, Dr. Mattu has deviated from this custom and in his work has highlighted the forgotten and oppressed heroes. The author tries to capture the true characters of Mazhabi Sikhs and has made a commendable attempt here. Readers will find this information interesting, especially those who are interested in Dalit history. I’m delighted that Bhupinder was able to convey his subject authoritatively thanks to his knowledge of Punjabi literature and history.

Dr Kuldeep Singh

Professor Chairperson Satgur Ram Singh Chair and Head Of the History Department ( Centeral University of Punjab Bathinda )
Review on Book 2

Dr. Bhupinder Singh Mattu spoke on the struggle and contribution of Mazhabi Sikhs during the Guru’s , Banda Bhadhur, Misal, Ranjit Singh, and British periods In his book “Ithaas vich Mazhabi sikhan di jadoh jehad.” He also talks about the Mazhabi Sikhs, who campaigned for their rights in the Punjab Council, S.G.P.C., and Army. Additionally, he cited the Mazhabi Sikhs, who served in the British and Indian Armies and received honours and awards. he used research methodologies and presented new valiant heroes and significant situations. Dr. Mattu has attempted to provide the readers with factual knowledge by employing historical facts in his writings as a history student. In this book, the author has provided both old and new data in a way that is simple enough for the average reader to understand.

Dr Amandeep Kaur

Chairperson Jallianwala Bagh Chair and Ex Head of History Department (Guru Nanak Dev University )
Review on Book 2

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